Research Project

Unraveling the c-di-GMP modulation network in the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa

While in many bacteria the entirety of c-di-GMP modulating enzymes drive a global switch to a biofilm mode of growth phenotype, the various players and sub-sets of c-di-GMP modulating enzymes are responsible for smaller and in parts non-overlapping bacterial phenotypes.

In this project we will exploit our extensive expertise in RNA-seq in order to evaluate how intracellular c-di-GMP levels that are produced locally by the individual c-di-GMP cyclases impact the transcriptional profile in P. aeruginosa and how this facilitates the establishment of c-di-GMP dependent phenotypes that are mediated by the individual c-di-GMP pathways

Principle Investigators

Prof. Dr. Susanne Häußler


Dr. Jelena Erdmann