Research Project

Sensory mechanisms and local signaling in
c-di-GMP-mediated signal transduction in E. coli biofilm formation

Bacterial biofilms are large cellular aggregates in which bacteria are encased in a protective extracellular selfproduced polymeric matrix. In Escherichia coli macrocolony biofilms this matrix consists of amyloid protein fibres (curli) and cellulose arranged in a complex architecture that is under the control of multiple enzymes that make and break c-di-GMP.

The project aims at clarifying molecular signaling mechanisms in this c-di-GMP control network, in particular how environmental and cellular signals are sensed via N-terminal sensory domain of these enzymes and how c-di-GMP as a second messenger is sensed by novel effector mechanisms that control matrix production and other biofilm functions.

Principle Investigators

Prof. Dr. Regine Hengge


Eike H. Junkermeier (Funding period 2019-2023)

Ronja Offer (Funding period 2019-2023)

Martin Lorkowski (Funding period 2016-2019)

Franziska Mika (Funding period 2016-2019)