Research Project

Molecular basis for the control of K+ uptake via KtrAB and KimA by cyclic di-AMP

Potassium homeostasis is essential for bacterial survival and controlled by the orchestrated function of various K+ importers and exporters. Recently, cyclic di-AMP has been identified as overarching regulatory signaling molecule for K+ homeostasis in different Gram-positive bacteria. It regulates the uptake and release of potassium by controlling gene expression and protein activity. In Bacillus subtilis, cyclic di-AMP directly binds to K+ importers KtrAB and KimA leading to their inhibition.

We aim to shed light on the underlying mechanisms of protein deactivation elucidating the molecular principles of cyclic di-AMP binding and transport inhibition.

Principle Investigators


Janina Stautz (Hänelt Group)

Michael Fuss (Hänelt Group)

Jan-Philip Wieferig (Vonck Group)