Research Project

Osmolarity-dependent control of cellular c-di-AMP levels and characterization of osmolyte transporters in Listeria monocytogenes

Bacteria rely on complex signal transduction systems to cope with environmental changes and respond appropriately. One important environmental parameter is osmolarity. The second messenger c-di-AMP controls the uptake of osmolytes in the Gram-positive bacterium Listeria monocytogenes as well as in phylogenetically related bacteria.

The project aims at elucidating the molecular mechanism of how the c-di-AMP-synthesizing and -degrading enzymes sense osmolarity to adjust the cellular osmolyte concentration accordingly. Genetic, biochemical and structural methodologies are applied to unravel how c-di-AMP affects the activity of osmolyte transport systems in L. monocytogenes.

Principle Investigators

Dr. Fabian M. Commichau

Prof Dr. Ralf Ficner


Johannes Gibhardt (Commichau Group Funding period 2016-2019)

Jana Laura Heidemann (Ficner Group)